Response to COVID -19 (Coronavirus)

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The Office of the Children’s Convenor currently remains open for business.


We are following, and will continue to follow, guidance issued by the States of Guernsey. Unless circumstances change, hearings of the CYCT and Convenor meetings for the next week will go ahead as planned.


We advise that all persons attending the Convenor's office at Briarwood, La Grande Rue, St Martin's should read the latest guidance issued by the States of Guernsey about prevention, treatment and travel 


We have implemented a strict cleansing regime in an attempt to maintain good levels of hygiene and safeguard those who attend the building. This includes regular antiseptic wiping of all door handles and surfaces, especially in communal areas such as the reception area, the waiting rooms and the tribunal room. Hand sanitizer will be available in reception and in the hearing room.


In order to reduce any risk of the virus being spread we have removed all toys and magazines from our waiting rooms.


This is a developing and progressing situation, however, we have plans in place to support a staged reduction of service provision if this is necessary to ensure that we can continue our work in these extraordinary circumstances. We would like to thank our staff and our partners for their support and understanding.