Getting involved and training

CYCT members do not need formal qualifications, but will be team players with a real interest in improving the lives of children and young people.  They will have excellent life skills and the ability to listen, learn and work open-mindedly with children, young people and their families.    Their appointment is initially for three years and can be renewed following satisfactory monitoring of performance.

CYCT trainees undergo around 55 hours of pre-service training spread over three to six months.   All of the training sessions are mandatory and are delivered by a combination of short presentations followed by relevant practical workshops and small discussion groups.

Following successful completion of the training, appointment to the CYCT will be considered by the Royal Court.


The Child, Youth and Community Tribunal are not recruiting at the moment.  However, if you would like to complete an application form we will keep it on file and contact you when the next recruitment campaign is launched.  Completed applications may be sent electronically to [email protected] or alternatively to:

CYCT Recruitment
La Grande Rue
St Martins

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