Annual Report 2018 is published

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The Convenor & Tribunal Board has published the Annual Report of the President of the CYCT and the Children’s Convenor for 2018.

The report includes a foreword by the Chair of the Board, a summary of the developments and activities throughout 2018 and statistical information on the referral of children to the Convenor and CYCT.

The report highlights the following;

  • There was an increase in the overall number of referrals received by the Convenor during 2018. This was due to a increase in the number of referrals received related to concerns about the care or protection being given to children and young people by their parents or carers.
  • The number of hearings of the CYCT held during 2018 increased by 6%
  • The most common reason for referral of a child or young person to the CYCT was because of concerns for their care and protection. 
  • The number of new care requirements made in 2018 increased by 30% however the number of children who were the subject of a care requirement at the end of 2018 decreased.
  •  In 95% of the cases where the care requirement was removed during 2018 the desired outcomes for the child or young person had been met or partially met.

In the foreword to the report the Chair pays tribute to Dr David Raines whose term as President of the CYCT came to an end in December 2018. David was Deputy President from 2009 until 2015 and then President until 2018.  The Chair acknowledged the exceptional service that David has given to the CYCT since its inception stating “ With other Presidents, David led the CYCT through a period of immense change - from its initial establishment through the many adaptations needed as we continue to learn and develop practice”.

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