UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

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Karen Brady, Children’s Convenor reflects on the news that the UNCRC has been extended to the Bailiwick.

“This is a significant milestone in ensuring children’s rights are respected and protected in the Bailiwick.  The UNCRC emphasises that, as well as having the same human rights as adults, children have special needs and vulnerabilities that we must recognise and protect.  We are fortunate in the Bailiwick that some of these rights are embedded in our laws and in the welfare principles that underpin how we carry out our roles.  The UNCRC however reminds us of our collective responsibility to promote and protect the full range of rights that children are entitled to expect and gives our young people a set of standards on which they can hold us to account. 

It is for all of us now to ensure that we are taking steps to respect children’s rights in all our decisions and actions and to ensure that the language of rights is reflected in our organisational vocabularies and policies.”