child, youth and community tribunal

It doesn’t matter if you are a builder or a teacher, in your twenties or retired, you can make a difference to a child’s life

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what to do if you are worried about a child or young person

If there is an emergency or a child is at immediate risk you should phone the police.

Anyone can refer a child to the Children’s Convenor. In practice most referrals come from the police, the Committee (CHSC) and the School Attendance Service (SAS).

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our vision

Our vision is for a CYCT system that improves the outcomes and experiences for children and young people who may be at risk to ensure that they are safe, protected and offered positive futures.

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Dates for safeguarding training on the role of the Convenor and CYCT 2020

The role of the Children’s Convenor and Child Youth and Community Tribunal in protecting children from harm and promoting their health, welfare and development. This course provides an understanding of the role of the Children’s Convenor and Child, Youth and…

Safer Internet Day 2020

Safer Internet Day 2020 is being celebrated around the world on Tuesday 11th February 2020. The theme is ‘together for a better internet’ and this year the focus is on how young people explore and express…