The Children’s Tribunal System extends it Board with three new appointments

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The Convenor and Tribunal Board, part of the Children’s Tribunal System, has appointed three new members to its Board.  

Juliet Bousfield, Charlie Cox and Alison Rimington have all joined the Board which has oversight of the delivery of the strategic objectives for the Children’s Tribunal System 

The Board is an independent body that provides the Children’s Convenor and President of the Child, Youth and Community Tribunal (the CYCT) with advice, guidance and support as and when required, to help them carry out their statutory functions, as well as securing the resources required.  

Appointed by the Committee for Health & Social Care, Board members must have knowledge and experience relevant to the functions of The Children’s Tribunal System, with the new incumbents having a wide range of additional experience, including long-standing third sector work, human resources and marketing.  

Juliet is a marketing professional with more than 25 years’ experience, developing and delivering marketing strategies in line with business objectives having worked in the financial services and the international sales market, including Ravenscroft and Specsavers.  

Charlie has worked with children and families for nearly 15 years. She was the UK’s youngest Branch Director for Samaritans and was previously CEO of the Youth Commission, a position she held before moving to the States of Guernsey, recently taking the role of CEO for the island’s new homeless charity. 

Alison is an HR professional, with over two decades of experience in management and human resources across diverse sectors and jurisdictions. Her commitment to her community has included chairing the Surrey Youth Council at the age of 17, to more recently assuming board positions within local charities. 

Gill Couch, Deputy Chair of the Board, said: “It is a fantastic opportunity to bring three extremely well-qualified women to our Board.  

“The Board plays a vital role in ensuring that the Convenor and President of the Tribunal have access to the right guidance and support in order to perform their duties effectively. Therefore, it is important that it is representative of an array of industries and skillsets that will enable the System to support young people and their families.  

“Therefore, between Juliet’s extensive marketing experience, Charlie’s long-standing work with children and young people and the broader community, and Alison’s wide-ranging knowledge of human resources, among their many other skills, we are providing our System with a plethora of knowledge and expertise.”