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The Children’s Tribunal System - a unique system that has children and community at its heart

In every society, large or small, there are laws, cultures, and traditions that guide the care and protection of children and young people. Protecting children always start with the family, but the wider community also has a role to play - after all “it takes a village to raise a child”. 

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Language is more than just a collection of words; it is something that connects us to each other, and we often underestimate its impact. It can unite, but it can also divide. It can present barriers to effective communication and, if we don’t take care, it can have the effect of labelling, stigmatising and excluding.

In our latest blog, Children’s Convenor Karen Brady discusses why the language we use in The Children’s Tribunal System is important and why we are working hard at using language that cares.

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The Child, Youth and Community Tribunal plays an extremely important role in the lives of many children and young people across the Bailiwick. With 40 Tribunal Members making decisions about children, young people and their families, President of the Tribunal, Ashley Rawles, explains how this part of the Children’s Tribunal System is continually reviewed to ensure the best decisions are made and standards are maintained.

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Following the successful secondment of a Children’s Reporter from the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration last year, we have continued to develop our strong links with Scotland and will be offering another secondment opportunity this summer.   

Liz Ann Miller took up the role last year, bringing her knowledge and skills to the Bailiwick to support the team.

Click here for her reflections of the island ahead of this year’s appointment.

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