A Care Requirement

If the CYCT hearing decides that compulsory measures are necessary, it will make a Care Requirement. This is an order that places a child or young person under the supervisory care of the States. The purpose of the Care Requirement is:

  • to protect the child from harm and promote his proper and adequate health, welfare and development, and

  • to assist the parent or any other person who is for the time being caring for the child, to provide adequate care, protection, guidance and control for the child.

Prior to making a Care Requirement, the CYCT has to approve a plan for the child, setting out the arrangements for the child.

The CYCT has wide scope to insert conditions as part of the Care Requirement and the States is responsible for ensuring that it is carried out. In most situations, the child will continue to live at home, but will be under the supervision of a social worker. In some cases, the CYCT will decide that the child should live away from home with relatives or other carers such as foster carers, or in one of the residential establishments run by the Committee for Health and Social Care (HSC). It may also decide who the child may have contact with, and when. Where offending has been one of the problems, the young person may be required to undertake a programme under the supervision of the Youth Justice Service.

All decisions made by the hearings are binding on that child/young person.

A Care Requirement lasts for 12 months, but can be renewed. It ceases to have effect once a child reaches the age of 18 or can be terminated when the CYCT decides that compulsory measures are no longer necessary.

An Interim Care Requirement

If the CYCT hearing is not in a position to be able to make a Care Requirement, then they should consider whether or not to make an Interim Care Requirement. An Interim Care Requirement can last up to 28 days.

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