Being a Party

Who is a party?

Under the Children (Guernsey and Alderney) Law 2008, a party is:

  • the child;
  • any individual who has parental responsibility in respect of the child;
  • any person who appears to be a person who ordinarily (and other than by reason only of his employment) has care of the child; and
  • where a community parenting order is in force in respect of the child, the Committee for Health and Social Care.

What rights do parties have?

If you are a party then you are entitled to:

  • be notified that the convenor has received a referral about your child;
  • know what decision the convenor makes about your child;
  • attend any hearings of the Child, Youth and Community Tribunal (CYCT) and to receive a copy of the hearing papers;
  • bring a supporter with you to the hearing;
  • dispute the information in the Convenor’s Statement;
  • appeal the decision of the hearing; and
  • request a review hearing after 3 months.

Can I attend a hearing if I am not a party?

  • The Convenor may invite you to attend the hearing of the CYCT if you have information that might help the CYCT members make their decision.
  • You may attend a hearing as the supporter of a party.


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