What we do

Although the majority of referrals to the Children’s Convenor are from the police and the Health and Social Care Committee, anyone, including members of the public, may refer a child to the Convenor.

The Convenor will investigate the referral by requesting information from any agencies that are involved with the child and their family, including schools and voluntary organisations.

The Convenor evaluates the information and decides whether there may be a need for compulsory intervention. If so, the child is referred to a Hearing of the Child, Youth and Community Tribunal (CYCT).

Before a Hearing the child and family will be invited to attend a Convenor’s Meeting arranged to consider the Grounds for Referral (the legal reasons for the Hearing). A Hearing will only go ahead once the Grounds for Referral are accepted by the child and family. If however, the Grounds for Referral are not accepted, the Convenor may refer the matter to the Guernsey Juvenile Court for a decision to be made.

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